WE work with people, in and off our premises. Mutual trust and reliability form the basis of our actions. Our employees all are specialists and are at our customers’ disposal with their resourcefulness, specialist knowledge and motivation from the first consultation to the implementation of services.

We place priority on motivating our employees, awakening their team spirit and supporting them in achieving personal and shared goals.

“We are the only engineering firm in Germany that, owing to its integrated specialisation, can offer maximum benefit.”



Analytical – of course, systematic – certainly, yet first and foremost far exceeding the limits of facts, figures and data: this is the challenge to thinking in our company. After all, the best of all solutions often lies buried under routine and has to be sought out and brought to conclusion with creativity, passion and enthusiasm. A conclusion that knows only one result: We have found the best of all possible solutions!


Enthusiasm for and fascination with technology in its feasible perfection provided the first impetus for launching LAE, now determines its present activities and will equally carry the company into its future. Add to that passion: for a cause, that is contagious, motivates and spurs employees on in their search for the very best solution. And yet, the use of technology is not an end in itself, but an effective means to make customers completely happy and our world a little better at the same time. Sometimes it is only a small detail, sometimes a radically new solution that improves the performance and efficiency of an installation in the long term. Yet it always is an important step towards a more responsible use of our planet’s resources. The striving for perfection and high demands on the know-how and ambition of its employees in implementing these goals in the interests of its customers are indispensable characteristics that define LAE in its operations on the market. The technically highly qualified engineers at LAE are aware of their binding responsibility to complete every single task in every detail and beyond the usual scope. They do their job, so that customers can fully concentrate on theirs. Special attention is always paid to safety of man and machine as well as the careful and economical use of raw materials. Externally, LAE has committed itself to the values of competence and reliability; externally and internally, a high regard for customers and colleagues is key and is reflected in all interactions with the aim of satisfying all parties.

“This is our ultimate goal. After all, this is about safeguarding the jobs of our employees and their families as well as Germany as a location for business. So that ‘gains’ are also a gain for our future.” Werner Rensch


LAE is ideally qualified to transform its mission into a feasible reality in the near future. Financial reserves make LAE independent, crisis-proof and highly flexible. This allows LAE autonomy in its decisions and gives room for the necessary creativity. Also, independence regarding products, suppliers and manufacturers provides LAE with the required freedom and impartiality to focus at all times on the best possible solution for each customer. This is and remains the company’s top priority. Moreover, with its five business units Planning Electrical Engineering, Power Generation, Building Services Engineering, Process Plants Industry and Technical Management, LAE possesses a unique selling proposition with multiplex benefits for customers. The consolidation , further expansion and communication of the inherent potential will be vital in future. After all, LAE does not only strive to provide above average and optimal services in every single business unit, but, owing to its focus on completeness, LAE offers its customers a multifunctional added value. This added value derives from the synergy that is inherent in the optimal interaction of all business units: the higher the interconnectedness, the higher the customer benefit.

Effective cooperation is also important at another, the interpersonal level, when it comes to dealing on a partnership basis with customers, suppliers and, last but not least, employees. It is vital to facilitate this cooperation. LAE’s future company headquarters will be a place of work, but at the same time also a place of meeting, of exchange of information and a motivation trigger. Productive working in a team, fair interaction and joy in jointly achieving a goal are objectives that are as important as perfect technology.

“After all, what we do, we want to do well – and so it is important to know why one is doing something and, most importantly, how.” Werner Rensch


No matter which goals a market-based company commits itself to, be it compliance, resource efficiency or human relations, they will remain unattainable if the company does not yield sufficient profit. So an essential objective of any enterprise must always be the realisation of profits.
That is how it is and LAE is no different in this respect. Yet in contrast to global corporations, where major investors unreservedly wield their influence for the sake of maximum return, an owner-managed medium-sized enterprise such as LAE has significantly more freedom both in shaping its company culture and in how it uses the realised profits.
Personal input and entrepreneurial responsibility for LAE’s most valuable potential, its employees, mean that the company management has been consistently working on concretely implementing strategic goals for a considerable time now, with the objective of ensuring a reliable future for the owner-managed company as well as valuable competitive advantages for customers.
The LAE business unit managers form a management team that steers the company in the prescribed direction.
To improve and increase communication at all levels with customers and employees, LAE will in the near future build new company headquarters in the Leimbachpark/MetropolPark Walldorf/Wiesloch industrial estate.
The new LAE building is to manifest what LAE itself stands for: conserving resources, saving energy, optimal networking and lively communication.
LAE places great importance on the high degree of performance capability and motivation of all employees. To sustain this, it is vital to maintain a balance between the private and professional aspects in employees’ lives (work-life balance). The safeguarding, retention and development of jobs, the ongoing formation of ‘One team for one cause’, are an important premise for ensuring LAE’s future; processes harnessing group dynamics, motivation training and employee training are permanent measures.
A new internet presence and other measures for the improvement of company communication are in preparation for providing increased transparency regarding LAE’s performance factors.

“It is the sum of all steps that leads to success if one knows the path. We know where we want to go.”



Customers identify the value of LAE mainly in the provided engineering services. Satisfied customers and motivated employees are of the greatest value for LAE as a company. One depends on the other and requires preservation; in the best case it even provides added value. This, too, is LAE’s concern. It can be defined as safeguarding jobs and personal responsibility, yet also as contributing to an improved environment by way of conserving energy and resources as well as improved efficiency. The attainment of all these values is based on certain concepts, which all employees in the company are obligated to observe. At LAE, these concepts are appreciation, authenticity, reliability and profit – which is to signify a profit for all.

Appreciation, mutual respect and the tangible awareness of one’s counterparts are essential factors for motivation and commitment in us humans. Appreciation makes us great: appreciation of ourselves and of others is the key for a good company culture. Those receiving appreciation change for the positive. Those giving appreciation lead people everywhere. Appreciation for customers and employees is at the top of LAE’s scale of values and a factor for entrepreneurial success, yet at the same time and because of this it is a permanent management task..


Authenticity means always remaining true to one’s values, no more, no less. This implies that one has adopted values, stands for these and acts and speaks according to one’s beliefs. An authentic person lives in harmony with their inner truth, speaks the truth and expresses this in their behaviour. When dealing with others, also within the company, this translates as reliability, honesty and integrity. Authenticity is the basis of all human virtues and thus an indispensable prerequisite for a sustainable community. Progress and success are not possible without authenticity.      


In the first line, reliability describes people who have proven to be trustworthy and who keep their promises. Reliability is an important social skill and decisive for personal, professional and business success. This applies equally to individuals and organisations. The optimal achievement of a goal is only possible if everybody can rely on each other. The basis for this is trust, openness and veracity. Reliability is an indicator for the sincerity of intentions and relations. One unreliable individual or factor in the process can threaten success as a whole.    


Efficiency is an assessment criterion that indicates whether a goal can be achieved without qualitative loss with the lowest possible use of resources or the highest possible yield (economic principle). However, the greater the efficiency, the more impersonal, rational and emotionally distant collaboration becomes. LAE prefers a horizontal organisational structure that is able to react better to customers instead of only being efficient. The service provided to the customer should be subject to the criteria of effectiveness rather than to those of efficiency.      


Profit defined as the increase of equity within a period is the necessary and solid foundation of a company and basis of a good company culture. Sufficient profit guarantees independence of external investors and banks. Only owner-managed enterprises with sufficient financial reserves are autonomous in their decisions regarding the utilisation of profit and strategic direction. Profit is therefore a crucial requirement for implementing a company strategy that is based on values: growth, a secure future and job security. LAE needs profit to develop itself and its employees and to make the necessary investments.



We do our job so that our customers can do theirs better. Customers who in their scope of business selectively need only one or several engineering services in our fields of business will hardly hire their own highly specialised team for that purpose. But they can buy a motivated team that works to a high standard: us.


These ‘strategic knowledge alliances’ ensure security and guarantee perfection. Our network includes highly specialised engineers, the expert teams of our supply partners, university institutes, globally operating installation and assembling firms as well as brand manufacturers with a global reputation. This is also our aspiration, which is why we naturally are ISO 9001:2008 certified.



The idea that sparked the motivation to found this company still drives our enthusiasm. Yet by now the spark has grown into an inspirational fire. And whereas in 1993 only four colleagues were on fire with the thought of making the possible possible with technology, these days nearly 60 colleagues compete daily in their contest for the better idea – the enemy of the good idea.

Establishment of LAE as an engineering firm for control technology, automation engineering and electrical engineering in Nußloch; management Werner Rensch, together with Dieter Kirsch, Karlheinz Götz and Helmut Heidinger; engineering services, programming of control and visualisation software on Siemens basis.

Establishment of LAE Engineering GmbH. Expansion following customer demand to include more complex fields of business such as electrical engineering, delivery of control cabinets, assuming overall responsibility for automation engineering projects. 10 EMPLOYEES

Expansion of the company headquarters with offices in Wilhelmstraße. 15 EMPLOYEES

Execution of planning tasks for the new main line railway station at Frankfurt Airport.

General contractor electrics for the MVV Energie AG’s biomass power plant in Mannheim.

Contract award by SAP for the entire control technology of the cooling system for the new data centre in St. Leon/Rot.

Expansion of the company headquarters with a new building. 35 EMPLOYEES

Addition of mechanical engineering for calender technology to the Business Unit Industry portfolio. Delivery of a complete calender line to Saudi Arabia.

Structuring of the individual business units; long-term employees assume joint responsibility. 45 EMPLOYEES

Adoption of Vision 2020: focus on customer-oriented growth.

Challenging investment project commissioned by a regular customer and involving 4 business divisions.

Erwerb eines Grundstücks für die neue Unternehmenszentrale in Wiesloch. >50 EMPLOYEES



Control, be it of plants and equipment or businesses, must under no circumstances be left to chance. Werner Rensch and Dieter Kirsch have remained unreservedly true to this principle since establishing their company. Well-honed know-how, foresight, skill and confidence as well as high demands on themselves and their employees have been and continue to be their companions in the successful development of LAE.
Even though they both continue to be motivated by their belief in the almost unlimited capabilities of technology, Werner Rensch has in the course of increasing company growth focused on company policy and strategy, whereas Dieter Kirsch has taken on operative controlling and project management. Together they set the course for the future.


“Flexibility is our strength. We are big enough to reliably and professionally bring to conclusion comprehensive projects, but small enough to always and everywhere act flexibly and individually.“ Werner Rensch, Managing Director

LAE success story in the July issue of Orhideal business magazine


“The life cycle of technical installations is our passion. This is what we plan, develop and integrate solutions for.” Dieter Kirsch, Deputy Managing Director





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