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Job advertisement for experienced professionals

You bring something into our company that you can’t learn at any university or seminar: “Experience”!

You have already seen and experienced many things. You can recognize problematic situations early on and react to them. Thanks to your experience, you can offer younger employees a certain security even in hectic moments. Your vision and understanding of the big picture gives you sovereignty.

After a number of years in the job, you have now discovered that you have not yet achieved everything you want. Perhaps the values that are important to you have also changed over time.

Let us talk together about what you still want to achieve and how we can support you.

Job advertisement for young professionals

You want to gain professional experience and are looking for a job with a long-term perspective!

You have successfully passed your academic or professional degree and are now eager to apply the knowledge you have acquired in practice!

At the same time, you are aware that you do not yet have the necessary practical experience to exercise the profession you have learned independently and confidently.

You are looking for a job where you will not be used as cannon fodder. You would like to find your way into everyday working life and, if necessary, be able to fall back on a mentor.

Let us talk about how you can grow together with us!

Job advertisement for students

You are characterized by youthful curiosity and want to experience professional practice up close!

You are in the middle of studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Your professors have taught you the essential know-how. Now it’s time to experience the real world of work during an internship semester. Perhaps you are already further along and now need a company to support you with your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis.

Let’s talk about how we can support you in your studies!

Job advertisement for pupils

Do you have your Realschulabschluss or the Abitur in your pocket? Have you reached the age of majority? Then you’ve come to the right place for the perfect start to your career at LAE! Because everyone who brings commitment, passion and new ideas with them will find ideal conditions for a successful career with us. You have certainly already thought about your skills and interests in a suitable position. What is clear in any case is that you want to learn a profession! A profession that you enjoy and with which you can identify. Do you enjoy dealing with people or working in a team, for example? Do you round off your personality with your open and friendly manner? Then apply to LAE!

Training: Technischer Systemplaner(in) Fachrichtung Elektrotechnische Systeme (m/w/d)


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